Illuminating Switch Gang, Two-Stage Control, Schwank 2152 & 2352

SKU: JM-0201-TS

$113 CAD

Brushed stainless cover plate, with electrical box, 24 Vac capacity. This two-stage control switch is REQUIRED for all Schwank 2-stage models, specifically bistroSchwank 2152 and supremeSchwank 2352. 

Switch gangs have special "Off, On, On" sequence that is required for heater operation. Do NOT use a switch with "On, Off, On" sequence. 

Single: control 1 two-stage heater or 1 zone with 1 to 4 two-stage heaters

Double: control 2 two-stage heaters or 2 zones with 2 to 8 two-stage heaters

Triple: control 3 two-stage heaters or 3 zones with 3 to 12 two-stage heaters 

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