Alternative Mounting Solution using Chains, for eWAVE Electric Radiant Heaters

For eWAVE heater(s), you can use the standard metal mounting hardware that comes with the unit. But if you have a unique ceiling mount situation, you might want a particular height or distance from the ceiling, that this hardware doesn't allow. This was the case for my inside my cabana.

There's obviously a number of ways to do this - black chain, chrome, gage of chain, types of hooks, etc. All can work just fine. Main challenge was how to connect to the heater, as it doesn't come with standard holes to connect or latch onto.

My solution was to drill 2 holes into the round moon shaped metal piece that connects to the back/top of the heater, one hole at each end (this is part of the standard mounting hardware). Then I used metal ring clips through those holes, to connect to the chains. This allowed for chain link addition or removal, one at a time, to adjust the height and angle of the heaters, until it looked perfect. A few pics herein to illustrate. Notice the chains are chrome/silver; I'll spray paint them black to finish the job. Also this is a 300 lbs chain, which is probably overkill; I'd suggest using a 150 lbs load/capacity black chain (Home Depot was out of stock, so I had to use what you see here). 

Please contact me if you want to discuss. Dave

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