19" electricSchwank IR Indoor/Outdoor, Medium Wave Quartz Single Bulb Heater, Stainless Steel

SKU: ES-0519-12


electricSchwank medium wave heaters are excellent for Indoor or outdoor applications, where spot heating is required. They offer no combustion gases and can be recessed into the ceiling. 

When/where possible, we recommend heating from two/multiple sides for maximum comfort and effectiveness, rather than from just one side. Coverage areas are approximate dimensions, and will vary depending on prevailing and personal comfort levels. Indoor or well-protected environments will generally exceed average coverage, while outdoor open or windy areas may result in less than average coverage. 


  1. Mounting Brackets: Included, two standard wall/ceiling mount brackets (discard them if using chains or custom brackets)
  2. Control Options: single on/off switch, or variable switch

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