13 Best Patio Heaters for Outdoor Comfort

Get a little more use out of your patio or porch this year with one (or more!) of these outdoor patio heaters. Just remember to follow all safety instructions included with the heater.

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Why You Should Get an Outdoor Patio Heater

An outdoor patio heater is an effective way to bring a little more warmth to your outdoor living space so you use it more often, especially on those chilly nights early and late in the season. Go beyond an outdoor fireplace and add even more warmth to your ultimate backyard with one of these highly-rated outdoor patio heaters. Check out 40 more of our favorite outdoor woodworking projects that can be incorporated into any backyard idea. 


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Outdoor Propane Heater BTU

When purchasing an outdoor heater, make sure it will be powerful enough to heat your space. Outdoor patio heaters that run on propane have a BTU number, used to measure thermal (heat) energy. You’ll need to know the number of square feet you want to heat.

According to homeair.org, you can calculate the number of BTUs (British Thermal Units) you need with this formula: The area in square feet times the current temperature in Fahrenheit minus the desired temperature. That gives you the minimum BTUs you should have. Electric heaters measure heating power in watts. One watt of electricity produces 3.4 BTUs, so 10 watts of power equals 34 BTUs. (Yes, there’s math involved, but it’s easy!) This powerful kerosene heater projects 23,800 BTUs in all directions, making it a great choice for heating larger open-air areas.


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Electric Umbrella Heater by Hiland

A great option for evenings around the patio table, this electric umbrella heater from Hiland warms up to 15 square feet and is designed to work under patio umbrellas. With three burners and a variable temperature control, it’s a great way to stay warm once the sun sets. Buyers noted it was easy to install and remove when you need to put the umbrella away. Yet another reason why we think this is one of the best outdoor patio heaters. These 15 ideas for outdoor string lights will make you want to live outside. 


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Propane Heater by Fire Sense

This propane patio heater from Fire Sense comes in several colors and offers 46,000 BTUs. It has an auto shut-off tilt valve and can be assembled for you for an additional fee. While this is advertised as a commercial heater, many homeowners use it to heat patios and porches as one of the most powerful outdoor heaters. “My husband and I purchased two of these, but so far we’ve only needed to turn on one, even though we have a relatively large backyard,” said one buyer. “These lamps are very sufficient with heat output. My husband assembled them alone, without any issues. He said the assembly was simple.” Check out these 15 perfect patio designs.


Propane Heater by Hiland

With 40,000 BTUs, this propane heater from Hiland is stylish and functional. The heater is more than seven feet tall and has a two-piece quartz glass tube that will complement any outdoor setting. One reviewer noted, “Used it all last summer with no issues. Very easy to use and starts almost immediately.”


Propane Heater — Sunjoy

Great for those who may want to move the heater from one spot to another, this propane heater from Sunjoy has wheels for easy transport and mobility. It heats out to 9-1/2 feet and features a safety shutoff valve in case it tips over. “The heater feels very sturdy and well-made. We can’t wait to enjoy those cool California nights out on the patio this winter,” said one buyer. 


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Electric Infrared Heater — Sundate

A great option for the patio, porch or under a pergola, this electric infrared heater from Sundate is easy to operate, with remote function and a 24-hour timer. The carbon fire tube carries a 5,500-hour lifespan, and users noted the heater’s temperature control is easy to use. 

IR Energy evenGLO Portable Propane Gas Patio Heater

Made with the finest materials, the IR Energy evenGLO Portable Propane Patio Heater is great for anyone looking for an impressive addition to their outdoor living space.

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Tiki Propane Heater by Thermo 

Stylish, efficient and great for your next patio party, this tiki propane heater from Thermo has a dancing flame in a pyramid-style column which produces radiant warmth. It has an output of up to 45,000 BTUs and has a built-in safety valve if the unit is tilted or tipped over. Reviewers noted instructions were easy to follow. Create a backyard oasis with these DIY projects.

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Electric Heater — SUND

With three power levels, this electric heater from SUND is great for barbecue areas, patios, gardens and garages. “It is very nice outdoor heater and it perfectly works very well for the parties at my backyard in winter,” said one buyer. Partial assembly is required and the heater uses three halogen fire tubes with a lifespan of 5,000 to 5,500 hours. Build a stone or brick patio that is perfect for entertaining.


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Oscillating Electric Heater — Geek Heat

Great for smaller spaces, this water-resistant oscillating electric heater from Geek Heat offers 1,200 watts of power and is safe for indoor use as well as out on the patio or deck. It has a two-heat setting and 120-degree oscillation for heat distribution. “Don’t expect a furnace like heat, this definitely is not for large rooms, but it does heat up a small area fast and works quietly,” said one reviewer. Don’t even think about building a backyard fire pit without doing these things first. 


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Propane Heater  

Although described as a commercial heater, many reviewers say they use this propane patio heater at home with much satisfaction. “This is a great product. Inexpensive, easy (and actually kinda fun) to assemble, and it works better than products that cost many times more,” said one buyer. With 46,000 BTUs, it can heat up larger spaces and has wheels for easy mobility. This is what you need to build a DIY backyard movie theater.


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Radiant Heater — Blumfeldt

With a 24-hour timer, three heating levels and 1,500 watts of power, this radiant heater from Blumfeldt can be used on the patio or porch or brought inside when needed. It’s safe, user-friendly and compact so you can easily move it from room to room. “We have it outside in our screened in porch and it does a great job with putting out some heat,” said one reviewer. “Level 3 actually is a bit too strong, had to turn it to level 2. The heat can be felt from several feet away. Looks nice as well. Really does not take up a lot of room. The animals seem to enjoy the heat as well.” Plan the ultimate backyard barbecue with these 12 tips. 


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Ceiling-Mounted Electric Heater by Donyer Power

This ceiling-mounted electric patio heater will heat a space up to 65 square feet with its two heating modes. It heats up quickly and is easy to install. One reviewer noted, “The heater is very good and energy-efficient. Works great for the cold winter so far. Recommend it to anyone who wants some warmness!” 


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Portable Propane Heater by Mr. Heater

This 9,000 BTU propane heater from Mr. Heater makes it easy to stay warm wherever you are. It heats spaces up to 225 square feet and is approved for indoor and outdoor use. Reviewers noted this heater is great for not only the patio, but camping and hunting trips. These 10 pretty porch swings will make you want to be outside all summer long. 


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Infrared Wall-Mounted Electric Heater by ART TO REAL

Great for the porch, this infrared wall-mounted electric heater from ART TO REAL will warm up your space quickly. It offers 1,500 watts of power and comes with a timer and a remote. It’s safe for patios and pergolas, as well as in the garage and the shed. Need more patio chairs? This DIY-friendly design is classic and easy to build.

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