IR Energy

EW18M24V - 43" 240V eWAVE Medium Wave IR Energy Single Phase Electric Radiant Heater, 1800W, 7.5A, Remote Control


$1,725 CAD


Model Length Width Height Weight Voltage Remote
EW18M24V 43" 10" 3" 17 lbs 240 V 


Phase Amps Wattage Freq.
1 7.5A  1800 W 

60 Hz 

Supporting Documentation: 

Key Features - Emitter Design Has 0% Impingement; Schott Nextrema Glass (Infrared Transparency of ~90%, Comfortable to the Eye); Even Heat Pattern; Integrated Connection Box; Modern European Design; Minimal Maintenance; Premium Warranty - Complete Replacement; Indoor / Outdoor; IP55 Rated Corrosion Resistant; Built-in Waterproof Junction Box; Easy Installation; Engineered Bracket Included - Mounting Adjustment from 10 to 50 Degree; Made from 100% recyclable material; Compatible with Smart Technology. 

Long/Medium Wave vs. Short Wave - Both long and medium wave lengths have ideal heating characteristics with high absorbency and low reflection. This creates a more comfortable feeling against the body and is free of any harsh lights usually associated with short wavelength heaters. The eWAVE collection of infrared heaters are engineered for overall comfort, high efficiency, and beautiful aesthetic appearance.

Heat Dispersion - The internal design of the emitter is thicker along the duct of the heating elements, and narrower towards the edges. This design innovation was adapted to capture all the warmth from the heating elements and distribute heat evenly across the width of the unit.

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