24Vac Transformers - for Schwank Series 2100, 2300 Models

SKU: JL-0776-XX

$138.60 CAD


Each zone transformer is sized to suit the total number of heaters being controlled in that respective zone. Select the appropriate transformer(s), based on number of heaters (2100 & 2300 Series Models). 

For a single heater, use one 40 VA transformer. On a zone with multiple heaters, use a transformer sized at 40 VA for the first heater, and 20 VA for each additional heater. 

Remote control for 2300 Series heaters requires a 24 volt transformer[s] sized to suit the total number of heaters installed. 

See INSTALLATION MANUAL to determine gauge of distribution wire. [minimum 16 gauge].

Size No. of Heaters Part #
40 VA 1 AT72-40 VA JL-0776-XX
100 VA up to 4 120V/24V 100 VA JL-0778-XX
150 VA up to 6 120V/24V 150 VA JL-0779-XX
200 VA up to 9 120V/24V 200 VA JL-0780-XX
250 VA up to 11 120V/24V 350 VA JL-0781-AA
350 VA up to 16 120V/24V 250 VA JL-0781-XX

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